Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Well Hello

... and welcome to my new knitting blog, a little experiment in combining two of my loves: knitting and writing (and sometimes crochetting and sewing). Expect to see all kinds of randomness ranging from amateur to semi-pro here. And of course I'll post my patterns and links to ones I've usesd as often as possible.
Just to give you a taste of my flavor, my past projects include all sorts of funky sewing recons, plenty of crochetted hats, scarves galour, and a sad attempt at knitty's pasha. Now I'm venturing into a whole new world of knitting beyond rectangles.
-cabled wristwarmers
-cropped wrap sweater
-eyelash fur bolero
These are all my own design, and I will be posting some sort of pattern for them. However, I knit slow, so be patient.
Until then.


Janey said...

Hello to the knitting blog world!
(I'm still don't have a blog yet - knitting or otherwise - so I'm envious of those who do.)

In the post above, your cabled wrist warmers are beautiful! And I'm looking forward to pictures of your other WIPs.

Take care,
another slow knitter

glenna <> said...

Can you send me the panta instructions in English? glennahenn@peoplepc.com