Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cabled Wrist Warmers, Part 2

Wrist warmers, the sequel! I made another set using the same general pattern as below, only with these mods:

Wrist warmers were knit in reverse stockinette with 6 stitch stockinette cable.
Dec 6 stitches over the first 3 twists, (one on each end) on each WS row before a twist.
Work inc rows on WS, add an extra inc row adding only 2 stitches.

That's most likely really confusing, but all I did was dec so they would fit tighter around my wrists and then inc 2 extra stitches so they were big enough to fit my hands still.

Current WIPs:
Cropped wrap sweater
Skinny Scarf
Double knit Camo Scarf
(I frogged the eyelash shrug because I realized it was too small)

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