Thursday, October 02, 2008

Freaking Finally!!

The switch to google siezed my blog access for frickin ever. I tried a bunch of times to convert and they would say my email didn't exist. Well, now I guess I exist and I can update some new FO's in case anyone actually reads this still... lol.

These are by far the favorite thing I've knitted recently. They're an adaptation of Knitty's "Mosey" Pattern. I basically switched up the cabling and ribbing.

It was a blast to freestyle all the cables on the first legwarmer... right until I realized I needed to chart the cables and copy them onto the second legwarmer.

I made these entirely to keep my legs warm during spring/fall, when I want to wear shorts around the house. But I also think they look rocking with some major heels.

Other fiber related projects:

I made his and hers snowboarding beanies - modeled by our lovely boards. Mine is pink with brown diagonal stripes and a variegated cherry chocolate ice cream yarn in a skull pattern. My darling boyfriend has tan with blue variegated snowflakes. I can't wait til snow time. These are awesome for boarding. They come complete with ear flaps and braid ties. Super warm. These are all crochet and I might have to make a ton more this winter.

Current WIPS and FOs that haven't been photographed: 2 pairs of wristwarmers. One our of fluffly light pink yarn, and another out of the cherry yarn, which has ribbons laced through as well. I'm really into crochetting wristwarmers, it's so much faster for me. I'm still working on my reversible star scarf from 2 years ago. I'm also knitting a boatneck cropped sweater that's tweed and brown. Hoping soon to get started on a tan and brown alpaca beanie for my DB for Xmas.

One the non-fiber craft front, I've been far more productive. I'm not only a knitter and crochetter, but also a photographer, quilter, and a business owner. The most productive lately has been my all natural bath and beauty product business. I am fortunate to live in the shadow of Mt. Shasta and have access to information about chemical free ways to pamper yourself. The more I make products, the more I learn about hollistic beauty. My etsy for Berry Mountain Beauty should be up soon, check it out in my links.

Also take a look at my deviant art page for photography. Warning: I like weird, sometimes dark subject matter. Photography is something I've poured my soul into and now I'm finding more opportunities to take photoshoots and expand my portfolio.

Anyway, back to the crafts. All of my quilts are currently WIPs, and without pictures. But I did complete my first quilt ever, an oversized queen quilt for my DB. It's a pretty simple piecing pattern, but I machine quilted stars into it. Based on the fabric choices (all geared towards a 'dude' quilt), it's been named the boxer short quilt. The DB loved it so much, I couldn't even get him to give it up for a week so I could enter it in a local quilt show.