Monday, September 11, 2006

And now for something completely similar... some FOs

You may remember a big crochet afghan I made sometime at the beginning of summer, an afghan which was immeadiately confiscated by my cat. Well, I had to leave him home for the summer and I'm about to go get him, so I made him a present for being such a good cat... and to keep him off my blanket... his own mini afghan!

Here it is being modeled by my pink love seat, you can even see the original on the left.

Other FOs:
I completed a pair of socks using the 2 circ method. I'm a super lazy knitter, so I did them on sz 8 needles using an adaption of knitty's pedicure socks.

I finished the fat bottom bag from SnB crochet. I love this color. I bought some matching flower fabric to line it, but I have yet to tackle that job... I think the handles might be too big for the purse as well, but they're the only option I had at the local craft store.

I also finished a couple scarfs. The first is a mini scarf I made by combining cheap acylic worsted with cheap target fuzzy yarn. The combination came out so soft, it reminds me of mohair. I love it, and how cute is that argyle button?

The second is a shiny silver yarn that I knit lengthwise in the round, so I can wear it looped around my neck like a 30's style string of pearls. I'm kinda bothered by the way it's curling around itself... but I'm not sure if I'll like it better when it's blocked, or even if the yarn I used will block cuz it's a novelty yarn sorta. Any advice would be great. I can't get this picture to load... will try again later.

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