Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finally, FOs

So, I frogged a couple of the WIPs I was bored with and started a couple more projects. In my recent cardio craze, I created this water bottle holder. The holder cinches around the top of the bottle and the strap buttons in two places, so I can button it around things or put my keys on the strap. (I always have water and keys when I workout, and rarely have pockets, so this was perfect for me.) I'm already working on one for my workout buddy.

I also finished one of Knitty's Pedicure socks. I LOVE the way the variegated yarn I used sorta self-striped. But I hate the heel flap in this pattern. It's sorta baggy and uncomfortable. I'm still debating over whether to CO the other sock or just let them sit in my yarn drawer...

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