Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well, until I meet a sucessful hand surgeon, I'm stuck laying off the knitting as much as possible. So, I've taken up crochet since it requires far less use of my left hand. That, and I crochet faster than I knit. On to the projects!!

Multi-color blanket.
I tried to get a better picture of the blanket, but ever since I started it, I can't get my cat to stop sleeping on it. He'd even sleep on it while I was working on it. But it's big enough to cover a queen bed.

The Happy Hooker's Short and Sweet.
I made a few mods to the pattern to make it work for me. I used the size large back pattern, medium front, and I only did one row on the sleeves, then used sc and chains to make the edge more even and a little fluttery. The sleeves gave me a ton of trouble, but otherwise I really liked the pattern.

Belt from Fabulous and Flirty Crochet.
Except I made it skinnier.

Last, but not least.... THE BAT HAT. I designed the chart myself, which is knit. The rest of the hat is crochet. I'm stoked about it. I gave it to a friend for his bday, and if it didn't kill my hand to knit the logo patch, I'd make one of these for my dad and I. Oh well, my friend better love it.

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